March 2013

The „March for Life” is the main pro-life event in Romania. It takes place every year, at the same time, in different cities, around the 25th of March (the feast of „Announciation”). This event is organized by the pro-life movement, as part of civil society. The main goal of the march is affirming the right to life of all human beings starting with conception and at the same time supporting the traditional family and its values, as being the base of a solid, healthy society.


- Press Release -

Romania, March 18 – Only a few days remain until the beginning of the “March for Life”, an event which will be organized in 29 towns and villages by Christian civic associations and foundations in Romania.

Now at its third edition and enjoying a growing attendance, the aim of the march is to assert and support a number of key values: the right to life of all persons, starting from the moment of their conception, and family as a foundation of a prosperous society.

This year’s theme of the March for Life - which will be presented as a message-manifesto addressed to the public - is “Love both of Them – Assume, Help, Adopt!”. It is an invitation to become involved in supporting pregnant women who are forced to resort to abortion because of the indifference and lack of help that sometimes come from the very persons that are closest to them.

This form of violence against women who face unexpected pregnancies must no longer leave us indifferent. Which is why we are waiting for “all those who believe that the right to life is one of the fundamental human rights and that love and compassion to a mother and her child represent the noblest form of civic involvement” to join the March.

Our society must take act so that a child will never be perceived as an obstacle to a woman’s fulfillment, welfare or professional achievement. A child is a gift that woman brings to the society, and it is the latter’s duty to give her all the support she needs. Consequently, the event organizers believe that women deserve to be supported professionally, as well as socially and politically, through laws that would make their financial situation easier, facilitate adoption, and render unwanted pregnancy counseling accessible to them.

To this end, a petition that was signed by over 70 NGOs has been filed today with the main government institutions in Romania. The petition requests that a pro-life and pro-family legislation be passed as well as coherent education programs, given that Romania continues to have one of the highest abortion rates in the E.U. and undergoes a pronounced deterioration of the notion of family and its importance.

Until now, 26 towns and 3 villages in Romania have announced their participation in the March for Life. The event will start on March 22, in Cluj-Napoca, Tg. Neamț and Fălticeni, will continue on March 23 in Alba-Iulia, Arad, Bacău, Bistriţa, Bucharest, Buzău, Caracal, Constanţa, Deva, Iaşi, Oneşti, Oradea, Piteşti, Satu Mare, Slatina, Suceava, Târgovişte, Timişoara, Tg. Mureş, and Tulcea; on March 24 it will be held in Craiova, Sf. Gheorghe, and the villages of Ardăşeni and Tudor Vladimirescu (county of Botoşani) and will close on March 25, on the Annunciation Day, in Zoiţani (Botoşani county). In some towns (Arad, Iaşi), the events will be more complex and will cover as long as 2-3 days.

With every edition, the Romanian March for Life gets ever closer to the tradition of the similar events that are held in major cities of the world, such as Washington, D.C., Paris, Berlin, Bruxelles, San Francisco, Toronto, and Budapest.

For further information (Romanian only) – such as the Manifesto, the routes, the full agendas, and the contact information of the local organizing teams, please visit www.marsulpentruviata.ro .